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For your critical power communications

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Designed for Power Monitoring in Building Automation

Our Modbus-to-BACnet gateways are designed to help you easily build communication between your legacy power monitoring devices and SCADA systems.

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Secure Connectivity

Protect your critical assets before it’s too late. Our Modbus-to-BACnet gateways feature whitelisting, account management, password policy, and a TLS secure connection, which reduce the risk of unwanted access and keep your business assets safe.



Industrial Reliability

Your critical power communications cannot afford downtime. Our Modbus-to-BACnet gateways not only feature a rugged design, such as 2 kV serial port isolation and a -40~75°C wide temperature, but also offer a five-year warranty that ensures stability and reliability for your long-term operation.


Easy Deployment

Don’t let the daunting task of deployment wear you down. Our Modbus-to-BACnet protocol gateways provide features that capture both serial or Ethernet packets, view the BACnet object’s present value, and configure many commands via an Excel spreadsheet, saving your daily operation significant time.

Keeping Device Connectivity Simple

As industrial connectivity experts, we know that your field-site applications need to accommodate a lot of equipment and include system features with different communication protocols and interfaces. If you are looking for more edge connectivity options, Moxa has a wide ranging product portfolio that can meet your connectivity demands.

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