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High-Definition IP Surveillance With Advanced Network Management

Highway Surveillance Systems
Intelligent Transportation

The “Safe City” program, launched nationwide in 2006, has triggered the installation of millions of surveillance cameras across China in over 600 cities. Surveillance systems are increasingly implementing high-definition IP cameras and many have also deployed PoE-based IP cameras to take advantage of simple deployment, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance.

In conjunction with newly installed PoE IP cameras, existing non-PoE IP cameras needed to be integrated into the network. PSD switches will need to be deployed to supply power to the PoE IP cameras. These high-definition IP cameras will provide real-time traffic information via fiber transmission for traffic management teams at the central command center and assist government agencies with vehicle tracking when needed.

System Requirements
  • Gigabit fiber network backbone to transmit large volumes of video data back to the main control center
  • Network redundancy with secure data encryption capability
  • PSD (power supply device) switches to power PoE cameras
  • Intelligent network management software to monitor status of all network nodes
  • Wide-temperature tolerance for outdoor operation
  • Rugged and compact design for installation in roadside cabinets
Moxa Solution

Existing IP cameras will be integrated into the new surveillance network through Moxa’s EDS-G509-T. New PoE IP cameras will be connected to the EDS-P510-T, which will also provide power to the cameras via its seven PoE ports. The EDS-G509-T and EDS-P510-T will link the IP cameras to the central command center through the fiber ports, connecting them to Moxa’s award-winning ICS-G7852 managed switch, an ideal component for a surveillance system of this size because of its modular design with high scalability. At the core of the command center’s network management system, is Moxa’s advanced network management software, MXview, which automatically detects all network nodes (up to 2,000 nodes) and generates a highly intuitive graphical representation of the actual network layout with physical link indications to notify operators within seconds of a severed link and/or an unavailable network node.


Why Moxa

  • The EDS-P510-T & EDS-G509-T provide Gigabit Ethernet ports to support massive video and data transmissions
  • Redundant Gigabit Turbo Ring technology to minimize network downtime (recovery time < 50 ms @ 250 switches)
  • Future proof IPv6 ready
  • The EDS-P510-T switch provides up to 15.4 watts of power per PoE port and supply power to PoE-based IP camera
  • Moxa’s MXview allows the monitoring of up to 2,000 network devices for easy configuration and offers the ABC-01 tool to provide effortless troubleshooting
  • All Moxa products are available in wide-temperature (-40 to 75°C) models, and long MTBF to provide high reliability

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