Manufacturing Automation Systems

Production Line Monitoring

The modern production line monitoring system facilitates the need of remote monitoring that allows supervisors to see what is happening on a factory floor whether the lines are running slowly or stopped. Implementing such an operation requires a reliable and smart device network to transmit data back and forth between the control center and devices in real-time, and to ensure that automated systems run seamlessly via both wired and wireless networks. Moxa offers the diverse field network communication for multiprotocol connectivity for integrating different brand field equipment. In addition, Moxa’s smart networks deliver open, self-healing, highly secure Ethernet connectivity from field device networks to MES/SCADA systems.

Manufacturing Automation Systems

Machine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturers can use the Internet of Things to improve operational efficiency on their products. Moxa has diverse protocols, interfaces, and media solutions to help OEM customers get unconnected equipment connected. In addition, Moxa MXview NMS offers the engineer-friendly interfaces for easy device installation, operation, and maintenance. The innovated cloud-based VPN ensure secure interconnections between machines, machine service engineers, and machine supervisory servers over the internet, which provide significant time and cost savings on remote monitoring.

Manufacturing Automation Systems

Auto Material Handling (AMH)

AMH systems, which include the AS/RS (automatic storage and retrieval systems) and AGVs (automated guided vehicles), are modern-day “conveyor belts” that play a key role in manufacturing facilities and warehouses around the world. These machines have taken the manufacturing industry by storm and are here to stay. However, behind every successful AMH installation is a powerful wireless solution that provides the synergy between the machines and humans.

Moxa’s wireless AP solution provides all the basic building blocks of a reliable, high-performance mobile Wi-Fi network and a solution that is tailor-made for AS/RS and AGV markets.

Manufacturing Automation Systems

Facility Management

By connecting HVAC, UPS, lighting, environmental sensors, fire alarm systems, security, and safety equipment, facilities management are important to support the smooth operation of the smart factories maximizing resource efficiency, reducing costs and risk.

When monitoring and analyzing a large amount of diverse data from these decentralized systems, it is essential to deploy a network with local intelligence.

It also important to ensure the communication interoperability from physical to the protocol must be addressed.